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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Steady Progress,,,and Orlando's Rat

I can not believe I have gone almost four months without posting here.

As in my last post, the silence again did not mean a major disaster had taken place.  It's just been busy around here.  You'd think that being underemployed would leave a person with lots of time but it never works out that way.  So, what's been happening?  Well, pretty much and nothing at all.  Let's try to recap:

I took an interview for a communications internship with Cincinnati Children's Hospital, thinking it would be good to get the interview experience.  It was my first professional non-teaching interview...well, ever.  To my  complete and total shock, I got the position.  So now I am working 10 hours a week helping one of the divisions within the hospital to communicate better within its various parts, and outward to the world.  The physical environment in which I work is "nightmare corporate" but the people are great, and I am able to overlook the cubicle atmosphere, knowing that beyond those walls is a children's hospital, which is something I can feel good about.  As I said, the people are wonderful, and I've been able to put some of my class skills into practice, along with actually being able to be creative and weird.  God bless these people for letting me express myself.  It's making it very fun.

My birthday came and went without any major life disasters, which is a major step up from the last two years.  I even managed to put together a small celebration at a local bar, and had a wonderful evening with my friends from various parts of my life.  When it comes to friends, I quote R.E.M. and say "I may not have much, but what I have is gold."

All in all, I continue to leave the past far behind.  And perhaps that's what has caused this gap in posting more than anything.  For so long this blog has become a dumping ground of negative thoughts, or at least a sounding board for seeping ruminations (way to mix metaphor there Matt).  And lately I have not felt any reason to complain.  The present is really pretty good.  The past no longer has a hold on me, I have meaningful, even if part time, work, I really like my classes and am being challenged just enough to make them enjoyable but not stressful, I love my classmates and enjoy working with them, and the future is once again tinged with hope.

A big milestone was reached last week.   While sitting at the office, chipping away at a work project, I randomly started thinking about my former colleague who even as I type this is teaching my former students at my former school.   And for the first time, this thought was not filled with bitterness, jealousy, envy, sadness, or even neutrality.  For the first time, I actually felt glad that it wasn't me doing that job any more.  For the first time, I was truly glad to be where I was, even with all I've given up.  The choice I made is feeling more right than ever, and every day brings me one step closer to closing that process for ever.

And what now?  Well, now, it's time to leave reality behind.  The kids are on spring break, and mom and dad are taking the family to Orlando for the week - it's theme park mayhem, supersaturated and overkilled.  I'd like to think I can post some updates here, but no promises.  Haven't been back to Orlando for a lot of years.  Probably no time this trip to drive up to the old stomping grounds and reminisce...but then again, what meaning does the place even hold for me as a former home any more?  I haven't lived there since...1989?  Still, it will be good to get away from here for a while, even if it will be insane.

Thanks for stopping by.  God Bless.


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